Take Science Outdoors!

Santa Clara County’s Guide to Environmental Education Programs

Across Santa Clara County and beyond, local environmental education organizations offer programs that support Next Generation Science Standards and connect interdisciplinary learning to the local environment.

This online guide lists hundreds of local K-12 environmental education programs and their connections to standards.

In the spreadsheet, you will find:

  • Programs organized by grade level and Disciplinary Core Ideas
  • Program connections to NGSS Performance Expectations, Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and more
  • Program descriptions and themes
  • Links to Program Provider websites for more information

Santa Clara County Guide to NGSS and Environmental Education Programs Online Guide

This spreadsheet is a simple tool for teachers and administrators to connect environmental programs to classroom curriculum.

  • To open the full spreadsheet, click on the top right corner of the sheet
  • Select a grade level from the row along the bottom of the spreadsheet
  • Scroll left to right to see all information about a program
  • To search the spreadsheet, use the Command+F function and enter a topic, name, or any specific phrase

Santa Clara County Guide to NGSS and Environmental Education Programs

To see locations of field program providers, check out this Santa Clara County map

For more resources and support for implementation of environmental literacy programs and Next Generation Science Standards, visit:

This site and guide were produced with generous support from the Morgan Family Foundation.